Art Direction. Design systems. New York → Vermont. Square cars. German cars. Highly caffeinated. Standing sideways with Burton Snowboards.

Currently shaping visual identity based brand solutions for Burton Snowboards. Over the last ten years I’ve had the pleasure of working with an array of international brands and studios including GU Energy, Black Diamond, Nemo Equipment, and Seventh Generation. I've also had the  opportunity to create visual expressions across multiple facets of design – graphic design, art and creative direction, product design, packaging, illustration, print and publication, environment, and digital design.

Intent —

Visual thinking, metaphorically speaking.

To work with people and projects where strategic design thinking is an inherent part of the creative process. Where resonance and rationale transcend visual application. Developing comprehensive visual identity systems that are scalable, flexible, and communicate in contemporary and provocative ways.

Focus —

Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Identity Systems Design
Visual Language
Editorial Design

Photo Direction
Print & Digital Design
Web Design
Environment Design

Connect —

I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in working together, would like to know more about process or projects, or just to say hey!